People won’t let J.Lo forget they saw her nipple.

Jennifer Lopez’s infamous Oscar Awards nipple slip is still making headlines. Jenny’s fellow judge, Steven Tyler of American Idol, is one of the most recent celebs to mock J.Lo’s wardrobe malfunction.

Steven hilariously exposed his nipple on Tuesday’s live airing of AI, saying: “Who am I?” poking fun at the pop star’s nipple outing at the Academy Awards show last Sunday.

Let’s just say his “nipple slip” wasn’t as sexy as Ms. Lopez. Ryan Seacrest joined in the fun: 

“That was an Oscars reenactment, said Ryan “ladies and gentleman … and you looked great in that dress.”

Jennifer of course defended herself once again piping in: “There was no nipple!”

And once again, the mystery of J.Lo’s nipple goes unsolved. Whether or not there was an actual nipple showing, we have to admit this reenactment was hilarious.

Check out the video and tell us what you think of the J.Lo nip slip.

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