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Some tragic news to start off your weekend. In wake of two separate school shootings that occurred this past week, a third massive shooting has taken place, but this time, outside an Arizona nightclub. 

CNN reports:

Thirteen people were shot outside a nightclub in Tempe, Arizona, police said Saturday.

No fatalities had been reported from the shooting, which occurred late Friday, but two people were in serious condition, Sgt. Steven Carbajal said.

Police were searching for two men who left the scene.

Concertgoers were outside The Clubhouse nightclub to hear rapper Nipsey Hussle perform.

One patron said she was backed up against a wall and people were losing their phones in the panic during the shooting.

The witness, who described the scene via Twitter under the moniker @RenTen10, wrote that she was struck by how many abandoned high-heeled shoes were on the pavement and sidewalk after the incident.

Nipsey Hussle, who didn’t go on stage, used his Twitter account to express his displeasure with the shooting at his show.

“(Arizona) … y’all gotta be cool man,” he wrote.


We’re happy to hear there are no fatalities from the shooting, but pray for those involved.

Stay tuned for the latest…


TIME reports:

At least two of the injured were hospitalized in serious condition, while the others were treated for wounds that appeared less severe, Carbajal said. He said some of the injured drove themselves to the various hospitals so police aren’t sure if there were other victims besides the 13.

Police didn’t have immediate details on the disturbance, if both of the men were suspected of firing weapons, or about the type of firearm used. The two being sought were described as black men wearing dark clothing who fled on foot from the club on East Broadway Road, located about 7 miles east of downtown Phoenix.

Four hours after the shooting, the parking lot was virtually empty with only police activity apparent. All entrances to the club’s parking lot were cordoned off with tape and squad cars were posted around the area.


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