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Since her 2010 departure from girl group Pussycat Dolls, Melody Thornton’s been keeping busy.

She takes her turn on the grunge Watch The Throne track “No Church In The Wild” singing out Hail Mary’s to an obviously troubled and lost woman in the streets.

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Melody Sings:

“Bruised knees and scar on your shin blades, baby / lipstick & guilt written on your face, baby / see everybody knows how you get down, down / everybody knows how you get around, baby / Hail Mary / Hail Mary for the woman she was.”

“Lipstick&Guilt” is set to be featured on her upcoming mixtape P.O.Y.B.L, available for download on March 15.

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Melody’s take on the already popular tune is a very creative one and could very well be the best cover of the song to date. But don’t take our word for it, press play and tell us what you think!