Since her 2010 departure from girl group Pussycat Dolls, Melody Thornton’s been keeping busy. She takes her turn on the grunge Watch The Throne track “No Church In The Wild” singing out Hail Mary’s to an obviously troubled and lost woman in the streets. VIDEO: Monica & Brandy “It All Belongs To Me”    Melody […]

It’s hard to know what celebrities are up to because they’re always out and about, but we’ve caught up with today’s hottest celebs. GlobalGrind’s best celebrity photos of the day captures your favorite stars on a daily basis. Whether it’s clubbing, going to lunch, or spending quality time with their family, we’ve got it! Chris […]

Most people don’t get to live life in lavish lane, like the rich and famous do. Sure, my closet and drawers have a good amount of designers threads stuffed in them, denim for days, cardigans, vests, hats galore, shoes for nearly every day of the year, dresses for most occassions and events – yes, all […]

<p>Rocco Maniscalco, the 38-year-old grandson of the late Harry "The Hunchback" Riccobene, was gunned down last</p>

Kendra is at it again! The Girls Next Door Star is filming her new fitness DVD called, ‘Be a Knockout with Kendra.’ Great time to get that sexy summer bod! Recently the hot blondie gave brith to her beautiful son Hank IV, and is working out her post-baby body back into shape. Kendra’s work-out DVD […]

Paris Hilton goes barefoot as she roams around Cannes with mom Kathy Hilton. All three Hilton girls Kathy, Paris and her sister Nicky have been enjoying the Cannes Film Festival despite Paris’s missing passport debacle, which almost caused her to miss the festivities.  Hopefully Cannes will keep Paris’s mind off of ex boyfriend Doug Reinhardt […]

<p>&nbsp;Nicky Minaj &ldquo;Your Love&rdquo; Audio</p>

No one can accuse Barron Hilton of failing to uphold the family name.The 18-year-old brother of Paris and Nicky has, like his eldest sister before him, been busted by Los Angeles’ finest…