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Move over Range Rover, you have some serious competition!

STORY: Safaree’s New Bentley Christmas Gift

Bentley is scheduled to unveil its new truck called the EXP 9F at the Geneva Motor Show this week. The newly designed luxury truck will be the first of its kind from Bentley. It can be classified in the same groups as the Continental and Mulsanne models.

The EXP 9 F will include traditional Bentley styling techniques in a SUV shape with a beautiful cabin styled interior. The interior boasts 4+1 seating, a cooling compartment for champagne, a lower section in the rear that creates a picnic table or bench, umbrellas and an awning!

STORY: Nicki Minaj Pulls Out In A Pink Bentley GT

Talk about luxurious! However production has not been confirmed yet, Bentley is first waiting for the public’s reaction. So, what’s your reaction?

SOURCE: AutoBlog