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Once again the backwards-thinking constituents of the Deep South have found themselves making news. It was revealed by the Public Policy Polling (PPP) that 29 percent of likely GOP voters surveyed in Mississippi believe that interracial marriage should be illegal.

STORY: Really?!?! In Mississippi, Barack Ain’t Nothing But A Muslim!

Despite the fact that interracial marriages in the U.S. are at an all-time high this year, there are many who still believe that mixed-race marriage is unacceptable and should be made illegal.

The PPP found that fifty-four percent said intermarriage should remain legal, and the rest responded that they weren’t sure. 21 percent of those in Alabama felt that that interracial marriage should be illegal.

Although the last U.S. anti-miscegenation laws were lifted more than four decades ago in 1967, many mixed-race couples in the Deep South are still struggling to feel safe and accepted in their communities.

Yesterday the PPP released data showing that when surveying 600 Alabama Republican primary voters, only 14 percent consider President Obama a Christian, while 45 percent see him as a Muslim and 41 percent answered that they were not sure.

In Mississippi, of 656 likely GOP primary voters surveyed, 12 percent said Obama was a Christian, 52 percent classified him as a Muslim, and 36 percent fell in the “not sure” category.

Religion, marriage and race is something that most people in the South hold dear – but it’s time to take a look at a new perspective. 

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