Regina King's Emmy outfits are currently being auctioned off at Christie's auction house in partnership with The Couture Schiaparelli from now until Oct 30. All proceeds from the auction benefit the Obama Foundation’s Girls Opportunity Alliance. The auction will include two custom Schiaparelli looks designed by Creative Director Daniel Roseberry.

Just when you thought President Obama couldn’t get any cooler, he does. Summer’s almost over but the former Head Of State dropped his 2019 Summer Playlist, and it further proves he’s still the coolest guy on the planet. Lizzo‘s “Juice” made it to number six on the list and the “Truth Hurts” singer couldn’t be […]

The only first couple we acknowledge has a multi-year agreement for documentaries, series and more through their Higher Ground Productions company.

It’s very interesting (and highly annoying)  that people will entertain Donald Trump‘s outlandish fake news inspired tweets, but when someone with sense presents facts against the cheetoh, er, President and supporters, folks are up in arms. Georgia teacher Johnetta Benton had to learn that the hard way after students recorded her giving an anti-Trump lesson […]

Besides the fact that schools and offices are closed on this day, no one has ever really taken President’s Day as serious as the other holidays. But considering that tumultuous couple of years we’ve had as a nation with 45 as POTUS, lots of folks are only honoring the holiday this year to celebrate 44 […]

We all miss the days of having Barack Obama in the White House. One woman’s love for 44 is so strong that she went as far as to slap all the other former Presidents. Luckily, they were just wax figures — which means we can laugh.   Although we don’t condone violence, the visual itself […]

When jury duty calls, President Obama answers.

You know things are bad when the nation is excited to hear George W. Bush speak. On Thursday while speaking at the Bush Institute’s Spirit of Liberty event in New York, the former POTUS did sort of an old school diss to Donald Trump by calling out his shortcomings without ever mentioning the words “Donald Trump.” […]

Malia Obama had a pretty close call with a crazy civilian this week before Secret Service agents had to grab him and take him into custody. TMZ reports that the former first daughter was at her internship when 30-year-old Jair Nilton Cardoso was detained on April 10 after he showed up at the Weinstein Company offices in […]

Jay Pharoah is opening up about his departure from NBC’s Saturday Night Live after starring in the series for six seasons. In an interview with Hot 97, he accused the network of trying to “put people in a box.” He said, “You go where you’re appreciated. If you have multiple people on the cast saying things like, […]