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Hip-hop and Bagpipes go together like…well, actually they don’t really go together at all. 

In fact, just thinking about it, you realize how awkward the clash of two sounds really are. 

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Still, we like to have a lot of fun with you guys, and since it’s St. Patrick’s Day weekend, we wanted to find a way to combine our love of hip-hop music with the Irish’s love of bagpipes.

Bagpipes in rap, of course!

Now, the list wasn’t as extensive as we thought it would be — to our surprise, rappers haven’t been in a hurry to use the instrument — but we were able to scrap together a few.

So here’s some example of rappers using bagpipes in their songs.  

(Buyer beware, these aren’t the best rap songs…but, whatever, you’re probably blasted anyway.) 

House of Pain – “Jump Around” (1992)

The Roots – “”Do You Want More?!!!??!” (1995)

Killarmy – “Fair, Love & War” (1997)

Classified – “The Maritimes” (2005)

PackFM – “Kilt It” (2006)

Eminem – “Bagpipes From Baghad” (2009)

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