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Jessica Simpson feels like she has a bowling ball sitting on top of her whoo ha! 

PHOTOS: Jessica Simpson Goes On A Pregnancy Date Night!

The fashion mogul opened up about how it feels to be pregnant and why she’s so big, even though she’s not having twins. 

VIDEO: Ellen Tells Jessica Simpson She Got Her Due Date Wrong!

Gently mocking her big belly, Jimmy Kimmel asked, “You sure you’re not having twins?” to which she replied, “Everybody says that.”

Apparently, Jessica’s carrying around a lot of amniotic fluid, so “whenever my water breaks it’ll be like a fire hydrant!” Kimmel quipped that he hoped her waters would break then and there: “I’d be delighted to deliver your child on television,” he laughed.

Fortunately Kimmel didn’t have to deliver a child on air, but the interview is very amusing to say the least. Check it out. 

SOURCE: Huffington Post