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It feels like Kate Upton can do no wrong. 

Ever since she got the cover of the 2012 Sports Illustrates Swimsuit edition, Kate has helped sell everything from hamburgers to skateboarding apparel. The latest product that is sure to see an increase in sales because of the sexy swimsuit seductress is Skullcandy headphones.

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Kate is the first supermodel to be included in Skullcandy’s “Supermodel Crew” to help with advertising campaigns – and we don’t think that they could have chosen anyone better.

The announcement of this multi-year contract with Skullcandy arrives on the heels of Upton’s cover reveal and gives the brand all-access to the Sports Illustrated “it girl” in the form of exclusive content, advertising, social media and Skullcandy events. Content plans thus far include a short film and photo shoot both produced in Oklahoma City last week with Kevin Durant and James Harden from the Skullcandy NBA Crew.

“Skullcandy has collaborated with some of the world’s greatest athletes and artists and today we’re excited to add Supermodels to that roster,” Clarke Miyasaki, Skullcandy’s VP Global Business Development said. “We look forward to working with IMG Models and couldn’t be more thrilled to have Kate on our team.”

“I’m a long-time fan of Skullcandy and can’t wait to unveil some of the fun things we have planned,” Upton commented, shortly after wrapping the content shoot for the company. “I’m thrilled to be on the Skullcandy roster alongside many of the world’s best athletes and artists.”

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We’d love to see how the final product comes out, but in the meantime you can take a look at some of the behind the scenes photos of Kate Upton’s Skullcandy photo shoot for the upcoming ad campaign in the gallery above!

SOURCE: Skullcandy