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In a brand new feature with Vogue magazine, Victoria Beckham gushes about fashion, family, Justin Bieber and the Royal Wedding!

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The feature story by Vogue provides an up close and personal conversation with Beckham. Check out some of the excerpts from the interview below!

On winning the British Fashion Council’s Designer Brand award: 

‘When they read my name, I literally felt like my heart was going to jump out of my body. I’m so appreciative of my past. I respect all the [Spice] girls and really enjoyed what I did then, but this is what I love to do. I didn’t plan on getting up in front of the whole British fashion industry and not keeping my cool, but I was overwhelmed; I cried three times.’

On attending the Royal Wedding:

‘First, obviously, we were very, very excited. What do you wear to the biggest wedding ever—when you’re enormously pregnant?’

On her son being mistaken for a Jolie-Pitt:

For Romeo’s birthday, as a surprise, the family took him to hang out in Justin Bieber’s studio while he was recording his Christmas album. Bieber sweetly sent the boys signed guitars afterward, but Romeo’s was signed to ‘Pax’ (Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt’s son). ‘So we got one of the Jolie-Pitts’ guitars’.

On shopping:

‘I very, very rarely get the opportunity to go shopping and actually feel the clothes and try things on. I love shopping, but I do it mostly through Net-a-Porter.’

On staying in LA and not moving to Paris:

‘I’m definitely a glass-is-always-half-full, not half-empty, kind of person, which is why I love living in America. It would have been fun for David to play in Europe again—he’s not getting any younger. And Paris would have been very exciting for me, career-wise, but we came to the conclusion that it’s all about the children—they’re the most important people here. Also, David came here to raise the profile of soccer in America; I’m really proud of him, but his job is not done yet.’

On her LA wardrobe:

‘Always take an Alaïa cardigan with you.’

On her sons’ style:

‘I’d love to say they get [their singing talent] from me, but they don’t. But they have a good fashion sense; I like to think that they got that from me.’

On how she got back in shape after Harper’s birth:

‘I worked out a lot. I ran a lot. I did it six days a week. I become quite obsessive when I get into something.’

On the developments of her designs:

‘At first, I wanted clothes that people would associate with me. I was probably a little bit more self-conscious then—I was afraid to wear things that weren’t super-supertight. In those days, I wore a lot of corsetry. That was a sign of my own insecurities. By season three or four, I started doing a lot more research about things that I didn’t like. And I started challenging myself. Now that I feel more confident, creatively I feel more satisfied. It doesn’t have to be tight. I love working with volume and draping away from the body.’

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The latest issue of Vogue is currently on newsstands nationwide!