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Imagine if you could fit everything you own into one corner of your bedroom. For some people this is impossible, but for others it’s a reality. 

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Although most of us don’t need all of the things we own, in Sweden the economic climate doesn’t allow many to step too far outside of their means. In order to shed some light on anti-consumerism, Swedish photographer Sannah Kvist asked a selection of students to gather together all they owned for a snapshot of what it takes to live.

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Most were able to fit it into one corner, others needed a bit more space – but it was all to call attention to the epidemic of this generation of Swedes being the first generation to earn less than their parents on average.

Imagine if all your worldly possessions were gathered into one place. How much space would you use up? Take a look at the outcome that some Swedish students had when they were asked to do that very task in the gallery above.

SOURCE: Inhabitat

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