By now you all probably already know the story of the video above.

DETAILS: Mary J. Blige Responds To The Burger King Ad Controversy

But in case you don’t, here’s a quick recap: Mary J. Blige shoots a commercial, pushing Burger King’s new crispy chicken wrap. She endorses the new wrap by singing a song, quite passionately, about the product. Burger King releases the commercial, and the Internet laughs. Burger King pulls the commercial and Mary is pissed, claiming that’s not what she envisioned the ad to be.

VIDEO: Mary J. Blige Sings About Fried Chicken In Pulled Burger King Commercial

Caught up? Good. Because even though that commercial is quite embarrassing and quite funny in a unintentional way, it’s not the worst of the worst. Fast food has a history of using horrible songs to push their product.

So our girl Mary doesn’t feel too bad about her current predicament, here’s ten more examples of horrible jingles played during fast food commercials. 

KFC Choir Commercial

Wendy’s Crispy Chicken Nuggets Commercial

McDonald’s Chicken Nugget Rap Commercial (1986)

George Clinton’s Mini Muffins Burger King Commercial (1990)

McDonald’s McNugget Love Commercial (2008)

Keith Sweat Sings About McDonalds (2008)

Burger King Mushroom Swiss Burger Commercial (2008)

Wanna Get Frosty Wendy’s Commercial (2009)

I Like Square Butts Burger King Commercial (2009)

Arby’s It’s Good Food Commercial (2011)

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