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As Christian and Catholics worldwide observe Good Friday, thousands of people gathering in Philippine villages are taking things to another level as devotees are being nailed to crosses to re-enact Jesus Christ’s suffering.

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Nine men wearing crowns of twigs on their heads were crucified for a few minutes by villagers dressed as Roman centurions in northern Pampanga province’s San Pedro Cutud village while eight other people were nailed to crosses in neighboring villages.

The gathering is described as a unique brand of Catholicism that merges church traditions with Philippine folk superstitions.

Friday’s crucifixion was the 26th for Ruben Enaje, a 51-year-old sign painter. He began his yearly rite after surviving a fall from a building.

Hours after his palms and feet were nailed to a cross, Enaje, a grandfather of four, said he felt fine and had already walked to the village captain’s house.

“I feel good because my suffering has ended,” he said.

From the looks of the pictures this yearly rite looks painful. Just look at the following pictures…