Happy Easter to all who celebrate! Check out a gallery with photos from celebrities elaborate and luxurious celebrations inside.

Several celebrities gathered with their families to celebrate. Check out a gallery of our favorite 2023 Easter celebrity moments inside.

Easter Sunday brought out the pastel and floral print outfits and some much needed family time. Many of our favorite celebrities gathered with their families to celebrate the holiday. Check out a gallery of our favorite celebrity Easter moments inside. 

Creative And Fun Easter Sunday Ideas For The Kids Ahead of this weekend’s Easter holiday, some people may be wondering what to do with the littlest of guests. Kids have such short attention spans, getting them dressed for Easter dinner or taking them to hear the good Sunday word may not suffice for the whole […]

The celebrity Easter festivities are luxurious, entertaining and downright cute. We created a gallery of a few of our favorite celebrity families and their Sunday's best Easter outfits. 

You might remember a video that surfaced this past weekend where the Easter bunny visits an elementary class and well…it didn’t go so well. Well now someone’s caught a hold of the video and instead of the Easter bunny, there’s a new terror in town.   Hide your kids, hide your wife.

One Arizona woman was allegedly way too eager when Easter Sunday came around — to the point where things got violent. According to ABC News, 40-year-old Sharron Dobbins was arrested for using a stun gun to wake her son for church. Phoenix police said she “contact tazed her teenage son on the leg” to get […]

With Easter falling on the same day as April Fool’s, it’s expected that folks were acting out on Sunday. The line between serious and just plain hilarious was definitely blurred. https://www.instagram.com/p/BhCM38VguVg/?saved-by=roycedunmore   It was a strange kind of day. Swipe through to find out if more social media personalities were more holy, silly, or somewhere […]

Despite coming bearing gifts, it appears not all children are fond of the Easter bunny. When a dancing Easter Bunny walked into this preschool, the children were more startled than excited. A few of the poor kids were probably traumatized for life.