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Creative And Fun Easter Sunday Ideas For The Kids

Ahead of this weekend’s Easter holiday, some people may be wondering what to do with the littlest of guests. Kids have such short attention spans, getting them dressed for Easter dinner or taking them to hear the good Sunday word may not suffice for the whole day. If you’re expecting a number of guests over, or just want to have some indoor fun with the kiddos, there are plenty of “do it yourself” family activities to set your Easter Sunday celebration off.  The Easter egg hunt and Basket-Making are always great go-to games for the tots, but if you would like to keep it interesting, here’s a list of ten optional activities.

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1. Balance The Eggs

Eggs go in a basket, minus the decorative filling.  Have the kids balance the basket on their heads, and see who goes the longest without dropping it!  Practicing balance and patience while also sprinkling in some competition!

2. Egg And Spoon Race

Pretty self-explanatory is the egg and spoon race.  Everyone gets a spoon, and one an egg is placed in it, race to the other side of the room or yard. Keep in mind, it is best try this one with cooked eggs!

3. Sponge Painting

Get artistic with a small sponge and some water colors.  Use the sponge to create beautiful pieces of blended hues.

4. Plant Flowers

Get outside!  Kids these day love technology, but it never hurts to get down in the dirt and turn the earth. Planting and gardening not only entertains your child, but can help head start learning responsibility and compassion.

5. Build Peep Houses

The most famous Easter candy, the Peeps marshmallow, are a hit with kids. Let them use their Peeps in a way, by using frosting to build a structure out of the bird-shaped fluff candy.

6. Make A Fondue

In a melting pot, combine chocolate, butter, and milk.  Then take pieces of fruit, candy, or bread and dip them in the mix with a skewer. Make it more interesting by cutting bread/cake into Easter egg or Easter bunny shapes.

7. Easter Bunny Origami

Bring out that construction paper and get to folding!  Remember, no origami folding attempt has to have a perfect result, it’s the effort and quality time that matters most!

8. Leaf Threading

Items in nature are great for children’s sensory development.  One of the cheapest and fun activities is gathering spring leaves and threading them into a necklace, a belt, a robe, or whatever comes to a kid’s imagination.

9. Jelly Bean Bingo

Also, self-explanatory: Jelly Bean bingo. Create Bingo cards, and instead of your average marker, have the kids place jelly beans over their selections until Bingo is called! You can also arrange prizes for the winners.

10. Pin The Tail On The Bunny

Grab an internet photo of a bunny rabbit, print it out, and tape it to the wall. Give the children’s them tack pins, and blindfold them.  They will ne entertained in trying to find the tail of the picture.

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