Creative And Fun Easter Sunday Ideas For The Kids Ahead of this weekend’s Easter holiday, some people may be wondering what to do with the littlest of guests. Kids have such short attention spans, getting them dressed for Easter dinner or taking them to hear the good Sunday word may not suffice for the whole […]

The holidays are right around the corner, and people are starting to lean into the giving spirit. Friends are planning their "Friendsgiving" festivities before everyone departs for the holiday season with family. Take a look at a few ideas to properly celebrate Friendsgiving this year.

Trilogy won the 2021 Big 3 Championship in the Bahamas over the weekend, becoming the first team in the league to win two championships in the four-year history of the league.

Back in February, you might remember Chrissy Teigen‘s hilarious appearance on Ellen where she was tested on her knowledge of husband John Legend. Let’s just say she was struggling a lil’ bit. Well now, the tables have turned and it’s time to find out what John knows about Chrissy! Watch Ellen test John on his […]

Thanks to smartphones, Google, and social media, kids are growing up a lot different than they were in the ’80s and ’90s. Back in our day, when we had to walk 10 miles to school (barefoot with only 50 cents for lunch), there was no such thing as Facebook or DMs. Spending time with your […]

For all of the ‘Uno’ fans, there’s a follow-up to the classic card game and it’s called ‘Dos’. Yep, it’s a real thing! According to Mattel, the makers of both ‘Uno’ and ‘Dos’, the rules are a little different this time. Dos comes in a 108 card deck, 4 fewer cards than Uno. You can […]

Growing up with video games such as Super Mario Bros. and Sonic The Hedgehog, you became accustomed to playing for a few weeks and beating the entire game. However, there’s another retro video game that appears impossible to beat.   The game is called TrapAdventure 2 and it’s available in the iTunes Store. It will […]

If you partake in a game of Jenga on game nights, you know there’s an art to removing blocks from a tower. But while you’re trying to remove stacks of wood like your Tom Cruise in Mission: Impossible, this dog is taking blocks, no sweat. Check out the skills below.

One Portland based pixel designer is bringing whole new life to the term “don’t touch my hair.” Momo, also known as Momo Pixel, is a Black woman who’s just developed an online game called Hair Nah. In the game, you can play a Black woman on her way to catch a flight, and you must […]

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