In a recent South Korean intelligence report, it has been revealed that North Korea is planning nuclear tests.

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According to CNN, who obtained the intelligence report from South Korean officials, the tests may be conducted in Punggye-ri. Punggye-ri is a site to the northeast of North Korea, where tests were conducted in 2006 and 2009.

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Now North Korea is planning a rocket launch that is for “peaceful purposes.” According to the North Korea government, the rocket is 100 ft long and will be equipped with a satellite to view the country’s forests, weather, and crops. Countries such as Japan and the United States are skeptical about North Korea’s alleged intentions, citing that the rocket will really be used to launch long-range nuclear ballistic missiles.

Japan said that it will shoot down any part of the rocket that comes within its territory. North Korea has granted access for a selected group of journalists Sunday to confirm that the process is peaceful. Head of the launch site Jang Myong spoke on the decision to allow the visit saying:

“If you look for yourselves with your own eyes, then you can judge whether it’s a ballistic missile, or whether it’s a launch vehicle to put a satellite into orbit. That’s why we’ve invited you to this launch site.”

North Korea’s largest ally and donor China released a statement through their Foreign Minister Yang Jiechi which read:

“China strongly encourages everyone involved to remain calm and reasonable. These issues need to be worked out in a diplomatic and peaceful manner.”

North Korea is certainly a country that doesn’t seem to be intimidated by foreign powers and their warnings. That is precisely why they are probably the United States’ biggest threat.

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