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The cat is finally out of the bag!

As we reported earlier today, the Simpsons‘ family hometown was revealed. The creator, Matt Groening, told Smithsonian Magazine that the fictional characters actually lived in Springfield, Oregon. Springfield is one of the most common names for a U.S. city, which made everyone speculate where exactly the Simpsons lived.

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In addition to the Simpsons’, many other cartoon series or movies also used U.S. locations, but usually gave the settings fictional names:

-The superhero Batman resided in Gotham City, which turned out to represent New York City. Gotham City was inspired by U.S. cities, but does in fact stand for New York after dark, according to artist Frank Miller.

-Family Guy is set in a fictional Rhode Island town called Quahog. Viewers can see Rhode Island landmarksin the sitcom and hear the main characters’ strong Rhode Island/Massachusetts accent.

-Another sitcom that takes place in a fictional area is South Park. This animated show is set in a town called South Park, which is in the real state of Colorado.

-Comic book hero Superman also lived in a huge, bustling city named Metropolis, which has been depicted as a city on the East Coast, specifically New York.

-Metropolis is actually a small city in Illinois, which was named ‘Home of Superman.’

-Another hero – Spiderman, aka Peter Parker, tried to save the day in New York City, which was clear throughout the comic and the film.

-MTV animated series Beavis and Butt-head was set in Highland, Texas, which is a real area by the largest city in Texas, Houston.

-Comedy series King Of The Hill also takes place in Texas, but in a fictional town called Arlen near Austin.

-The Boondocks, which airs on Adult Swim, is set in Woodcrest, which is a fictional suburb in Maryland.

-American Dad, which is created by the same director as Family Guy, also has a invented location. The family lives in a neighborhood called Langley Falls, Virginia which is a combination of Langley and Great Falls, which are communities in Virginia.

We think it’s actually a cool idea to keep the location a secret! But would you rather know where your favorite characters live?