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Lana Del Rey is finally letting the world know she’s in love … with Guns n’ Roses.

NEW MUSIC: Lana Del Rey Reveals Two Unreleased Tracks “Lift Your Eyes” & “Ride Or Die”

The 25-year-old singer was spotted donning a Guns ‘n Roses t-shirt shortly after arriving at the Shoreditch House in London.

DETAILS: NEW COUPLE ALERT! Lana Del Rey & Axl Rose Rocking Out!? 

Cue the rumors that Lana and legendary Guns ‘n Roses rocker Axl Rose are an item and all hell breaks loose in the music world. The pair was spotted spending time together over the weekend, sparking these romance rumors.

But shortly after, Axl’s fellow band member DJ Ashba shot down these allegations.

Ashba told TMZ:

“I don’t think they are dating, he told the website. “Axl is a really a cool dude and he likes hanging out with cool people. I think they were probably just buddy buddy hanging out.”

Lana and Axl could in fact be just friends, or they could be playing coy.

Whatever the case, we think Lana looks pretty dope in the vintage Guns ‘n Roses tee. 

Do you think Lana and Axl would make a cute couple?