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Kanye West always seems like he’s Unplugged. However, the rapper is going to make it official this spring. Kanye West will be doing his own Unplugged series for MTV. A source at MTV told XXL that the show will go down in May. [XXL]

King Louie, one of Chicago’s hottest up-and-coming rappers, recently did a interview with PreFix where he talked about his upcoming debut album and how No Limit influenced his style. [PreFixMag]

Bon Iver front man, Justin Vernon, is stepping into the rap realm. The singer is working on a collaborative album with underground rapper Astronautalis. [ConsequenceOfSound]

Check out this video feature that the BBC did on Tyler, the Creator and Odd Future. In the video, Tyler talks about his influence and why he doesn’t consider his music offensive. [NME]

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