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Hip-hop duo Audio Push are long gone from their jerkin’ days, now Oktane and Price Tag are airing it all out on their new mixtape Truth Be Told

MIXTAPE DOWNLOAD: Audio Push Truth Be Told

The hip-hop duo are signed to infamous producer Hit-Boy’s label and they’re working on breaking out of the “dancing rappers” stereotype and focusing on what’s important: the music.

Audio Push stopped by the GlobalGrind offices to discuss their relationship with “N*ggas In Paris” producer Hit-Boy, and how he almost threw in his music towel. 

EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Audio Push Talk Being Signed To Hit-Boy, Their Celebrity Crushes, & Their New Mixtape Truth Be Told

Check out the exclusive interview below! 

You guys are signed to Hit-Boy. Was he behind the production of Truth Be Told?

Price Tag: On Truth Be Told, he didn’t produce one record. We didn’t want him to do it…I produce, and we have a team of producers. One of them is Hit-Boy’s understudy Ray Real. We really want him to executive produce and oversee the project as a whole versus produce all the beats. We’re going to have him do that on our album. For Truth Be Told, he just wanted us to do us, and it worked out amazing.

How did you guys link up with Hit-Boy?

Price Tag: Hit-Boy has known us since we were young. I was the first person to ever rap on a Hit-Boy beat. I met him like the first week he started making beats, and he met me right when I was fresh at rapping. He’s the one who told us to become a group.

Oktane: It’s bigger than that! He’s the dopest producer in the industry right now. This time last year, this time two years ago, we were in his crib when he was thinking about quitting music, and that was still our bro. That’s our brother! It just made sense for us to build this team, build this brand that is going to kill everything.

You’re saying Hit-Boy was thinking about quitting music?

Price Tag: Everyone goes through it at times like, “Man, I’m over this” because this dude is a workaholic. He has thousands of beats. We’ve dealt with lots of different producers, and they’ll only have like 30 beats. He can go into the studio with anybody with thousands of beats!

Oktane: He’ll ask what type of beat you want. They’ll name it, and he just click “Hit-Boy 38” or “Hit-Boy 47.” He has so many beats.

He has like an archive of beats.

Price Tag: Yes! It’s crazy, insane! Of course everyone gets that time where it seems like there’s some type of a drought. He even changed my mind state.

It’s just a positive thinking type of thing where everything you’re doing, how you go about, you’re thinking nothing but positivity. He started doing that, everything literally changed. Now you’ve got “N*ggas in Paris,” “Lay It On Me,” “Theraflu!”- all smash hits!

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