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“Rock star lifestyle might don’t make it.”

Miley Cyrus once snapped a pic of herself with her own Gucci Mane-covered Source Magazine to help prove her badass rock star-ness.

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Now, Miley’s even more badass, as she rocks an outfit covered with skulls while leaving her latest Pilates class. 

Other than that, Miley was kicking it with the super hot producer Hit Boy while listening to Kanye West’s new song “Way Too Cold,” formerly known as “Theraflu.” 

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She tweeted: 

“Blasting’ “Thera-Flu” with @hitboy_sc”

When she’s not bumping Yeezie, she seems to love the show Prison Break.

“Watching Prison Break from the very beginning with my mommy. Am I little late???”

It’s never too late to watch quality TV. Check out badass Miley in the gallery.