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As we all are anticipating the release of the upcoming romantic comedy Think Like a Man coming out this Friday, April 20th, it was only right that we have a panel discussion with the stars of the movie to get their input on relationships and the mind games associated with starting new ones.

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For the women we sat down with Gabrielle Union, Regina Hall, & Meagan Good, and for the men, we sat down with Romany Malco, Michael Ealy, Kevin Hart, Terrence J and Jerry Ferrera.

Terrence J Schools Us On If Men Really Should Think Like Women & Vice Versa

They were quite the talkative group and had plenty to say on the topics! There really is a battle of the sexes going on and we captured it in the exclusive panel discussion below. Take a look! 

GlobalGrind: Ladies, is love war, is dating war? What is your take on that?

Meagan Good: Yeah, there is a sense of that but that’s more the comedy of it. I do feel that you need to understand the other sex as much as possible ’cause how you receive something may not be how they intended it. It’s good because the book is incredibly insightful and then the movie is very insightful as well. 

Men what do you think, is this really war? Is the battle between the sexes real – is it war, is that how you guys see it?

Kevin Hart: I don’t think it’s a battle, I think it’s a … what’s a good word for it?

Michael Ealy: Competition.

So you do see it as a competition?

Michael Ealy: It is a competition, that’s what dating is about, unfortunately. 

That’s how you approach it as well?

Michael Ealy: Everybody does, ultimately once you start to develop feelings for somebody that’s when all that stuff starts to melt away and the next thing you know you’re like, “I love you let’s move forward” and whatever. 

Terrence J: We all want to be happy and I think when we go into relationships there’s a lot of baggage that we all bring. There’s insecurities, there’s background stories, there’s past relationships that didn’t work, there’s all of these different things we all go into different relationships with.

Although we all want the same mutual thing it becomes competition, it becomes mind games, it becomes all of these things. If you want to use the word war you can say it’s a battlefield as well, because we’re trying to get to the same place, but because we all have different backgrounds it becomes competitive to get there.

Romany Malco: I think where it really comes in is with each individual resisting compromise or resisting vulnerability, so in that way it becomes a chess game. 

Ladies, Dr. Laura was saying that though they say it differently, if you demand respect, you’ll get respect, if you put it out there than you’ll get it. If you guys read the book did you apply it and what did you find to be helpful?

Gabrielle Union: I read the book with a group of my girlfriends, more as a joke initially because we saw Steve (Harvey) and all the shows. So we got drunk and did an interpretive reading of the book and there was a lot of us who had been through all kinds of crazy relationships and divorces. 


Did you find anything helpful from the book or anything from the movie? Or what was the most fun thing about the movie for you? 

Regina Hall: It was fun to go to work with my friends. There was some people I knew but didn’t know a lot, like I knew Meagan, but didn’t know her well. Getting to know her along the process, I think that was really fun. It was nice. We would go to work and laugh. 

One of the things that was brought up in the book and movie was that if you are successful it is harder to find somebody, especially when woman are making so much more money right now on average than men are. Do you feel like you can find someone or do feel like our standards are too high?

Regina Hall: I liked Steve’s advice in the book about that saying that he doesn’t have to make as much you have and you do. Yes, you can find someone wonderful, it doesn’t mean you have to be on par on every single area. Maybe that might be specific, Gabrielle talked about and so did Meagan early, like common goals, that having that is most important. 

Meagan Good: I definitely think that’s the most valuable thing is having the same values, moral system, and common goals. I don’t think it matters if you guys make the same amount of money or any of that kind of stuff. 

Gabrielle Union: I think as long as you make enough money to sustain your standard of living, that’s cool. You don’t have to have the same number in your bank accounts, provided that you have the same values and you’re living within your means. That you’re not jealous or uncomfortable with the way I live by my means. I don’t mind going out to a restaurant that you can afford, but don’t mind that I can take you out to a restaurant I can afford because if we’re supposed to both be down for each other than it shouldn’t be a problem. That’s when I found that if there’s an iniquity in the relationship, financial iniquity, it can cause more problems in terms of resentment going either way. A man feeling like because on you’re on a level financially I’m gonna bring you down by making you feel less than, by maybe cheating or lying or being demeaning.

If there’s going to be any kind of iniquity there as to be parity in the value system and the treatment of each other and than the respect for the difference. 


Fellas, You are notoriously known for resisting commitment. But studies have shown that you are wealthier in relationships…. You are healthier, you take better care of yourselves… you are happier. So why would you resist the state that would actually be better for you?     

Kevin Hart: Well let’s just call it spade to spade. Men are better than woman. Laughs  

Please educate me.

Kevin Hart: Let’s look at the facts, we live longer. 

You actually don’t, you die like 20 years younger than we do.

Kevin Hart: We’re pets. We’re better than animals. There’s so many facts I can tell you. We read faster. We jump higher. 

Romany Malco: You know what I think, the resistance that we’re talking about comes from the fact that we understand.

Terrence J:

It goes against the male’s instinct to be monogamous. The male human is only one of a couple species of mammals that is monogamous. If you look at one roaster there’s several chickens, there’s one bull and several cows. I mean as the male species our responsibly is to spread our seed as much as possible.

90 day rule? Yes, No, Maybe.

Kevin Hart: Would you wait 90 days? Laughs. 

Romany Malco: Have you?

Michael Ealy: Here’s the thing, I don’t think anyone should set a timetable, I don’t, you get to know the person and whenever you feel comfortable, you do it. Setting a time table would have to be one of the dumbest things I’ve ever heard. It just ultimately probably won’t be worth it and two, no one would ever make it. So, you’re kind setting yourself up.

I don’t think it makes since to set a time table. What is the logic of 90 days, why not 60 days, why not 120 days why not 2 years, that’s how random 90 days is. So that’s why it doesn’t make sense to me. If you want to wait until you feel better about yourselves I get it, if you want to wait until you get to know that person I get it, respect yourself. 

Terrence J:  What the film does is that is creates dialogue when you leave the movie theater. You’re gonna have to have conversation with your friends, with your significant other and create that dialogue whether you wanna wait 90 days to get over your past relationship or something that happened in your life or you just want to extra date the process.

It’s not so much about the rules, it’s about creating the dialogue for a healthy relationship and that’s what this film is going to do. It’s going to be a bubble, either you’re inside the bubble or you’re outside. So that’s why you gotta watch the movie.

Kevin Hart: Basically at the end of the day this movie touches on what real situations, real problems, as actors we all everybody here, you, you, you, and myself, we have done a great job of coming together and pulling off what nobody else can pull off. That’s making a relationship movie that works.