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We have never seen Chanel Iman as anything less than a wholesome beauty. Her walk down the runway as a Victoria’s Secret PINK model is a far cry from her most recent roll as a jilted lover getting revenge on her boyfriend.

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In Jenna Elizabeth’s latest movie with BULLETT magazine, “Thirst,” Chanel channels her inner femme fatale.

Her boyfriend, played by Malcolm Jackson, has been unfaithful and he is unknowingly caught by Chanel one night. She then plots revenge and we don’t know if it was sweet or just outright sadistic! 

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To retaliate, Chanel Iman’s character poisons her boyfriend and although it does not kill him, it does knock him out. She then duct tapes him down to bed and begins a sexually infused torture session that ends with a lit cigarette being put out on Malcolm’s tongue.

You can take a look at the entire “Thirst” short film by Jenna Elizabeth, starring Chanel Iman in the video above.

What do you think of this new side of Chanel!