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People’s Most Beautiful Woman of 2012, Beyoncewas interviewed about life with Baby Blue Ivy and during all the new mommy gushing, she also spilled a secret about her newfound love for flats!

She stated:

“I never thought there would be a day when I wouldn’t wear heels. Now that I have a child, I walk around holding her all day, I’m buying loafers and oxfords. I love them, because they’re comfortable… And shorter heels too. I’d always thought, ‘The higher the heel, the sexier.’ But now I’m like, ‘These are really sexy.'”

She even brought her hubby into it:

“He [Jay-Z] loves it when I wear flat shoes, which is surprising — he never saw me in flats before!… He likes me more natural — just the relaxed, natural me.”

In honor of Bey’s love for flats, we put together a gallery of our five favorite ballet flats for the spring/summer seasons! Check out what goodies we chose.


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