At Washington, D.C.’s second annual Trillectro Music Festival, style trends like crop tops, high-waisted denim shorts, sports bras, oversized jerseys, African-inspired prints, and vibrant textile choices were seen in abundance. As EDM and hip-hop collided on two stages, the fashion forward Trillectro concert-goer dictated what’s hot and what’s not in the streets of D.C. and […]

The “next big thing” is a phrase that gets thrown around a lot. Every one hit wonder has been called music’s “next big thing” at some point or another, but what happens when you have more than one hit? California-based designer, Rhuigi Villasenor, knows the feeling.  His Rhude clothing line has become a favorite among […]

We knew it was coming long before the twerk video and weed photos made their way onto the Internet. The former southern belle and Disney star was undergoing a style change. From chopping the hair, to going platinum blonde, we were sure that Miley was going in a more punk-rock direction…until we realized that what she […]

  Who said the music industry gets to have all the fun?  Earlier this week, XXL Magazine released their highly anticipated annual Freshman Class cover, where they profile the up and coming acts in hip-hop music and predict who the hottest MCs to watch in the coming years will be. Most times they’re right, in […]

Here goes another study telling the world things black women already know about themselves.  According to a new report in the Archives of Dermatology (picked up by Reuters Health), black women exercise significantly less because they don’t want to ruin their crowning glory.  Can we act shocked now?  STORY: Is Obesity More Tolerable Than A Black Woman’s […]

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Hurricane Sandy ripped through the East Coast, unveiling all her fury on the city that we all love so dearly, and while it is hard to believe it, New York City, New Jersey and neighboring areas are seriously in need!  After posting a blog about the extensive damage done here in Staten Island following the […]

Andy Warhol’s impression on the art world is indelible, even today, nearly 25 years after his untimely death.  This fall, while most makeup lines are seeking to nail the color of the season, NARS is paying homage to an art icon with their Andy Warhol-inspired collection.  PHOTOS: Campbell’s Soup Celebrates 50 Years Of Andy Warhol With […]

  Rihanna is never scared to clap back when it’s needed.  Known for rocking her infamous hairstyles before they become trends, RiRi doesn’t play when it comes to keeping her strands properly laced.  STORY: Rihanna May Appear In Court For CB! In the midst of celebrating the release of her new single “Diamonds” and trending worldwide […]

  Fall is here!  Pumpkin-inspired drinks have made their way back into your favorite coffee shops, and it is finally time to say adios to the bikinis and beaches of summer until next year. PHOTOS: TREND WATCH: Stars Are Hot For Hats This Season Transitioning seasons is hard, but it’s even harder when you’re constantly second […]

Pumpkin spice lattes have officially arrived at your favorite coffee shop and that means that fall has finally arrived.  With the brisk weather comes the heavier clothing and alas less, room for your nifty handle bar purse to rest in the crook of your arm. That is where the oversize clutch comes in.  PHOTOS: The Must […]

We live in a digital age, but what would you do if your entire world went dark? No electric. No Internet usage. No phones. No connection to the outer worlds, just a simple revisit to the old days. What would you do without it all? PHOTOS: Talk That Talk! Kim K. Says Reality TV Is Just […]