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Fall is here! 

Pumpkin-inspired drinks have made their way back into your favorite coffee shops, and it is finally time to say adios to the bikinis and beaches of summer until next year.

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Transitioning seasons is hard, but it’s even harder when you’re constantly second guessing if what you’re wearing is seasonally appropriate. 

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For that reason, we have compiled a little guide of Do’s and Don’ts for fall fashion. Check it out below: 


Make friends with chunky scarves. A perfect scarf can take that woven sweater that you wore all summer with the sleeves rolled up, right over to fall, and instantly makes a summer dress with leggings the perfect fall staple.


Go bare if you plan on being out all night long. The fall weather is unpredictable. It may be 80 degrees and sunny at high noon, but 60 degrees by the time you decide what to eat for dinner. Keep a light coat or scarf on hand to cover up those bare arms. 


Follow the sandal rule. 

If the weather is lingering above 65, toes can come out to play, but be sure to balance this out effectively. Showing legs and toes may not be effective in the late days of fall, so be sure to balance the amount of little piggies showing by offsetting their nudity with a pair of full-length pants. 


Get caught out there in flip-flops. 

Seriously, flip-flops are for the beach, and unless you plan on frolicking in the sand, trade in your summer flip-flops for a pair of chic ankle boots that will carry you through the winter. 


Trust a trendy jacket to transition your summer dresses from summer to early fall. Stick with tones that are solid and earthy if you want to play it safe, or play down summer neons with black leggings. The leather moto jacket is a tried and true option, but this fall, play around with military inspired jackets and blazers to get a little more life out of your summer dress.