Look, we all crossed our hearts, hoped to die, stick a needle in our eyes as kids when a regular pinky promise just wouldn’t do, but none of us really meant that…right? Especially the needle thing. It turns out, though, there are people who are really doing that. Like, seriously. For some tattoo enthusiasts, getting eyeball ink […]

Fun fact: Rihanna loves to get high. Not like that! Well actually yeah, like that, too. But that’s not what we’re talking about here. See, every now and then she gets lifted. Yesterday, the Bad Gal was in Beverly Hills doing just that in a pair of platform oxfords by Stella McCartney, worn with a $198 Alice + Olivia crop top and […]

The fashion industry has a major issue. In fashion, the trends come and go, but one is constant: the lack of diversity. Magazines, runways, and campaigns have been too white and too skinny for far too long. We’re about a week into 2015 and it looks like the times are finally changing. First, Jourdan Dunn became the […]

Go ahead and ink your whole body if you want to, but, please, for the love of all things holy, maybe don’t DIY. If Style.com has any say-so though, stick and poke tattoos are about to be a thing in 2015, credit due to model Cat McNeil, who was seen showing off hers on her hands […]

This is the moment you’ve all been waiting for, fashion folks. Radiant orchid is so 2014, because Pantone has officially announced next year’s brand new it-color. Without any further adieu, meet Marsala, the color of the year for 2015. Like the wine it gets its name from, Marsala can best be described as a “rich and full-bodied […]

Can we level with you for a second? Sometimes, clothes are hard. Sometimes, you just don’t want to put any on, let alone worry about whether this top goes with these pants. Because there’s not enough time. Because it’s too cold outside. Because of laziness. Mostly because of laziness. The good news is that it’s socially […]

Trend alert: Fashion publication induces major eye-rolling after claiming that a thing that’s been a thing for us “urban” folk is now fashion’s latest fad. First it was cornrows—or epic “bold braids,” according to Marie Claire. Then there were durags—or as Chanel would prefer to call them, “urban tie caps”—and today, they bring you the Timberlands. Yes. […]

Wait—what is this? Autumn, already?! It seems like just yesterday we were soaking up the sun, laid out on the beach feeling summertime fine, but with each passing day, the temps are starting to drop, meaning it’s finally the most wonderful time of the year. Nope, it’s not Christmastime—it’s the fall. Between fashion month and […]

We’ve all heard the classic quote “I’d rather wear flowers in my hair, than diamonds around my neck,” but they never said anything about pearls. Rita Ora took to Instagram this weekend to share pictures of her ***flawless ensemble for Day 2 of the V Festival in the UK. And while other stars may have […]

It seems as though Rihanna hasn’t gotten tired of the new trend she started just yet. Or maybe she is tired from being on tour with Eminem and that’s why she keeps wearing nightgowns. Who knows? And furthermore, who cares? Because with a Bad Gal attitude like RiRi’s, you can get away with wearing nothing […]

Chrissy Teigen: She’s a supermodel with some super serious off-duty style. For the Sports Illustrated swimsuit model, skin is always in, but when she covers up in actual clothes? Oh baby! She kills the concrete catwalk time and time again. And over the weekend, when Chrissy was spotted out and about in Los Angeles, was no exception. She dug deep down […]

Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week brings designers from all over the world together to present their Fall/Winter 2014-2015 collections and remind us that even though we may think we’ve seen it all, we definitely haven’t. Although it’s still summer, the cooler months are going to be sneaking up on us sooner than we may like […]