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Can we level with you for a second? Sometimes, clothes are hard. Sometimes, you just don’t want to put any on, let alone worry about whether this top goes with these pants. Because there’s not enough time. Because it’s too cold outside. Because of laziness. Mostly because of laziness.

The good news is that it’s socially acceptable to leave your warm, comfy house in sweatpants. But that isn’t an excuse to carry on looking like a disheveled mess, my friend. More good news: you can keep cozy on just about any occasion, like for a night out on the town or when you just need to run some errands.

We agree that there’s no need in getting all dressed up to run to the supermarket, right? Well, you also don’t want to look like you woke up like this. And by this, we mean in your raggedy ol’ T-shirt. Instead, opt for your favorite (and clean) white top, some sweatpants, and slip-on sneakers. A pair of aviators will hide those dark circles under your eyes, and you can add a no-fuss nude lip gloss for a little something extra.

Standing in front of your closet stumped on what to wear to work? Don’t break a sweat—wear a pair instead. Joggers in a shade of green are a great item for your arsenal, especially since this color is the new neutral. Add a classic button-down shirt and pointy-toed pumps in a bright hue for a fun pop of color. And don’t forget your caffeine.

For those nights when you feel like your butt looks a little too big in that skirt—which we don’t think is a bad thing, by the way—you can either A) stay home or B) stay cozy. We suggest the latter in an oxymoronic pair of luxe loungewear, like these joggers that have a satin band in the place of a drawstring. Put on your dancing shoes, then throw all your things into a statement clutch as bold as your decision to actually go out in sweatpants.

Ready to choose comfort over couture? Shop everything you see above down below.


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