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Go ahead and ink your whole body if you want to, but, please, for the love of all things holy, maybe don’t DIY.

If has any say-so though, stick and poke tattoos are about to be a thing in 2015, credit due to model Cat McNeil, who was seen showing off hers on her hands and legs on the Givenchy runway. As if telling the masses that this will be the next big thing after septum piercings wasn’t bad enough, the site links to a $40 at-home tattoo kit so you can “get poked safely” instead of just going to get it done by a professional in a sterile environment. But safety is sooo 2014.

The kit even offers tattoo ideas in case some inspiration is needed…

Trends come and go, but that shitty (and probably infected) sloth on your wrist is forever, my friends.


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