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So It was just my birthday (July 3), and my management, Teddy Ruxbin, Teddy Parker, asked me what I wanted to do for my birthday. I said, “I wanna skydive” but I was saying it as like a joke. I mean I really wanted to do it, I always wanted to do it, but I didn’t think he would take me seriously.

He calls me at 2 o’clock the next morning saying, “you are confirmed for skydiving, New Jersey shoreline, and imma pick you up at 6 AM” and I’m like “Oh, you’re serious” and he’s like “you said you wanted that for your birthday!” So I was like “Cool!”


I had to bring along my alien twin sisters Coco and Breezy because if Gwen Stephanie has the Harajuku girls, then I can have the Coco & Breezy twins. That’s how I gotta have it, and I won’t have it any other way.

When we got there, I was trying to get them to go skydiving with me, but they chickened out. They did get some good footage though.


I got 2 miles up in the air, jumped out of a plane, and the only way I could get my mind off of falling to my potential death, was by shouting out everybody I knew. I was shouting out my momma, my momma’s cornbread casserole, I shouted out my homegirl Angel, love B.Scott, I was just shouting out everybody I knew until I hit the ground. And when I hit the ground, I shouted out God, like “Thank you for keeping me alive!” I was like shouting out to my management, man I was crunk. Man I wanted to go back up, but nobody wanted to spend another $200. I’m trying to get the whole world to skydive. Now I feel like a whole different person! I’m afraid of heights! I just felt like another person and even until today I’m still on that high.

After skydiving, I feel like if other people are holding onto something, and they don’t know how to let go, I feel like when you skydive, you’re no longer looking up at the earth, you’re looking down at it, you’re the big dog. Looking down at the earth like “Yeah, I’m taking you on head first” and when you hit the ground, you feel like you’re king. Like someone could be like “Oh My God, I just bought a Bentley” and I’m like “I just jumped out of a plane!’ like you can’t tell me nothing else, I just jumped off this plane two miles in the air and landed.


As for coco & breezy, like a lot of people can relate to me, but only to a certain point, because I know I am a very eclectic young man, and I’m a very free spirited person, so I just like to live my life free spirited. And it’s very rare that I come across people that have the same outlook and the same insights in life as me.

They’re like a younger version of me, so there’s certain things that I say that they learn from, and there are some things they say that I learn from, so we’re all one big melting pot. The thing I like is that we can mesh together as a group, and progress at the same time.

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