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We are of a generation whose verbal and mathematical skills have sunken so low, when we have the highest level of technology at our fingertips? Gutenberg’s generation thirsted for a new book every six months! Your generation has a new web page every six seconds! And how do you use this technology? To beat King Koopah! And save the princess. Shame on you. You deserve what you get.

America’s youth is becoming dumber by each generation. I partially blame the last 30 years on Hip-Hop and the decline of intelligence on the artist’s part. Please, don’t get me wrong. I’m not blaming every rapper.

But every generation of Hip-Hop had to endure the crappy, mindless mainstream music that continues to flood our radio with rotation-after-rotation. Seriously, when I listen to the radio, I feel like crashing my car into pedestrians. Its sort of how I felt when watching the VMAs this year.


Why does everyone who listens to Rap, have to speak with slang and sound like they’ve never read a book before?

Why do they have to dress so tacky and look like unproductive members of society? Hip-hop music definitely hasn’t encouraged education nor has it taught kids about bettering themselves.

We get it, rappers, you came from a bad area and you had to struggle. Same old boring story. You still could’ve attended school and tried.

There are plenty of kids, in the same situation, trying! You were just dumb and/or lazy. At least we live in a country where school is available to us.

What about some of today’s rappers? Did they all have the struggle? Most don’t seem like they did. And if they did struggle, they sure aren’t investing their money properly. They’re blowing it all on clothing and expensive items!


Is this what America’s rappers are teaching the youth? How to be awful with finances? Maybe I sound like a geek but you know what, we are rappers.

We aren’t ghetto. We discuss a wide range of topics. We’re educated and yet, our music has mainstream, radio appeal.

I’m not going to sit here and write out a list of rappers who are currently leading America’s kids down the road to the destruction (partially because GlobalGrind won’t let me. LOL jk). But I think we seriously need to re-evaluate the artists we admire.

Most of them are boring, dumb, unintelligent people who cover their lack of talent up with tattoos, flashy clothing, and… recently…..dancing! This is getting sad.

Pick up a book!

What do you think?

Raj (of Revolutionary Kids)

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