With his recent call for the release of imprisoned Chinese artist Ai Weiwei, Salman Rushdie continues his bond with art and artists by acquiring a special painting. The painting is by the New York artist Victor Matthews, who when reached by phone, told GlobalGrind, “I was surprised how good of an eye for painting he […]

When your parents are super famous and super successful rock stars, charm and charisma start to develop at an early age. So when rock star kid Kingston Rossdale got his mack on at the park with a young lady, hip-pop heads can only say, swag! Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale did a good job here. According […]

We love watching our favorite celeb mini-me’s mimic their super cool celebrity parents when out and about in a celebrity’s playground. Whether it’s Tinseltown, New York City, or venturing internationally, celebrity kids are always cute and oh so adorable! Comedian Dave Chappelle was spotted chilling with his wife and three year old daughter, Sonal, in […]


What’s crackin’ everybody? Last weekend was crazy in LA with the NBA Allstar Game. The people were incredible, parties were amazing but most importantly the music was dope. But before we move further let us say R.I.P. to Troy ‘Escalade’ Jackson, who passed away last weekend while in Cali. Not familiar with The Esclade? He […]


Little kids always have an audience, praising their talents and appreciating their general hilarity. When we see a cute child performing or dancing to a hit pop song, it always puts a smile on our faces. Lately, there have been a few youngsters who have gained widespread public acclaim and media attention.  WATCH: The Most […]


Every time a collection is created C&&B always write story lines that are fictional base on their true life. The past collection ’20/20′ had 3 meanings : ’20/20′ vision to the future of fashion – We live in year ’20/20′ in Planet C && B and they turned 20 years old this year. With that being said… […]


For us, this entry is humble and honest because we, in the hip-hop and music world, owe a debt of gratitude to Mr. Simmons. Think about it…..where would Hip-Hop be today if Def Jam was never started? Where would SO MANY artists be today if Russell didn’t provide the forum and perseverance to push new […]

Celebrity kids are some of the cutest and coolest kids out there because of who their parents are. They dress to impress and start trends without even meaning to. They can’t help to be fabulous, it’s just in their blood. They keep up with the fashion no matter how young or old, adding their own […]

Hey lovers. Raj from @RevKids here. I notice that A LOT of my guy friends are going through A LOT of heartache lately. It seems like everyone in my life is getting dumped. But wait a minute?! In movies, TV, and music, aren’t men supposed to be the assholes? Don’t we (men) always break up […]

We are of a generation whose verbal and mathematical skills have sunken so low, when we have the highest level of technology at our fingertips? Gutenberg’s generation thirsted for a new book every six months! Your generation has a new web page every six seconds! And how do you use this technology? To beat King Koopah! And […]


Travis Barker released his first new single off his upcoming solo debut album Give the Drummer Some entitled “Jump Down” featuring Chicago’s hipster rap duo The Cool Kids.  With 808’s hitting, basslines jumping, Barker’s ill drum pattern sequences, and The Cool Kids more than cool bars, “Jump Down” is definitely a head banger (no pun […]

Heeeeyyyyyyyyy worrrrrrllllddd it’s @DWIGHTHOWARD!!!! I hope everybody out there has had a good week. I got some good work in with my Magic teammates every day this week and I was back in the weight room last night until almost midnight getting in another hard workout. Tightening things up before camp starts the week after […]