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Hey lovers. Raj from @RevKids here. I notice that A LOT of my guy friends are going through A LOT of heartache lately. It seems like everyone in my life is getting dumped. But wait a minute?! In movies, TV, and music, aren’t men supposed to be the assholes? Don’t we (men) always break up with women, cheat on women, and mistreat women? Maybe I’m crazy or maybe all of my guy-friends are just pussies, but it seems like women are doing a majority of the cheating and heartbreaking lately!
Maybe its Beyonce‘s fault. All of her songs are so ‘anti-men’ and ‘pro-women’. We’re not sexists but holy crap! I think she’s turned every female into power-hogs. Now there’s a plethora of ‘pro-chick’ music. I think its making women more confident in themselves (which is great) but its also transforming women into sluts…..Well, let me re-phrase that. This new ‘Independent Women’ movement is turning women into men! Men are becoming so soft. All male singers have become so wussy and sissy. The see-saw of society is now tilting in a different direction.

My guy-friends have all become such heartbroken alcoholics (Yeah, that’s right. They’re drinking too much to deal with the pain). Whereas, media portrays men as strong hunks who drop their girlfriends and find a new floozie within a week’s time. Lately, men will now linger and self-loathe for months, while girls are the ones who hop on a new dick as soon as they dump their dumped-sweetheart. As a single guy, its fun to be a ‘rebound’. No emotional attachment and great sex, right? Today, it seems like women just want a quick-fuck and guys want to cuddle and watch Glee!


I also blame Sex & The City. I admit, it became a secret pleasure to watch (if you tell anyone, I will kill you!). I went to see the 2nd movie over the Summer with my girlfriend and all I could say is ‘WTF!’. I felt like I was in the midst of a Fabio-induced novel. Pure fantasy. All its teaching women is how to have sex with ‘hot guys’ and ditch them after you climax. Well, I for one, enjoy cuddling! Deal with it!…..unless I’m drunk. Then I would just make up a lie and tell you I have to wake up early in the morning for work. Ha ha.

Men! Let’s get manly again! Don’t let chicks turn us into silly puddy!

(BTW, if my girlfriend reads this, she’s going to kick my ass so shhhhh)


-Revolutionary Kids


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