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Every time a collection is created C&&B always write story lines that are fictional base on their true life. The past collection ’20/20′ had 3 meanings : ’20/20′ vision to the future of fashion – We live in year ’20/20′ in Planet C && B and they turned 20 years old this year. With that being said…

Coco && Breezy Spring 11 Collection ‘Wear-able Art’.

We are taking you to a new found city in Planet C && B called ‘Wear-able Art’. You will see more custom eye wear. Also adding in what the normal call ‘accessories’ C && B call them Wearable Art. You will see neon’s, mixed with gold and silver. Also universal pieces that can be worn more then 4 different ways. One surprise is Coco&&Breezy are adding a new line .. C&&B 4 kids! . They feel that they want to get the kids started off young, with having freedom of expression from using fashion. Being different is OKAY!.

‘Whats better then having 8 year old Rockstar twins wearing our signature blue lipstick and platform shoes look for our C&&B 4 KIDS! campaign!!  C&&B 4 KIDS! ….. kids are taking fashion to a NEW level ..We gotta get these kids to be comfortable to express their self early. BE YOUR SELF and DONT BE AFRAID!’ – coco && breezy

Coco&Breezy NEW ‘Wear-Able ART’ & ‘C&&B 4 KIDS!’ will be available SOON!! spring 11′.

Photo by: Dezirae B // Makeup by: Donovan Lamar

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