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Travis Barker released his first new single off his upcoming solo debut album Give the Drummer Some entitled “Jump Down” featuring Chicago’s hipster rap duo The Cool Kids. 

With 808’s hitting, basslines jumping, Barker’s ill drum pattern sequences, and The Cool Kids more than cool bars, “Jump Down” is definitely a head banger (no pun intended).

Barker never ceases to amaze his rock and hip-hop fans with his ability to merge the rock/rap genres.


Give the Drummer Some is said to have features from artists such as Lil Wayne, Drake, Pharrell, Raekwon, Rick Ross and heavy metal group Slipknot just to name a few. With many of his collaborations being hip-hop affiliated, Barker suggests that Give the Drummer Some will not fall into one particular genre, instead he’s been quoted as saying that his love for music and upcoming album is “no one genre.”  

Give the Drummer Some is expected to drop sometime in October 2010, but for now check out “Jump Down” featuring The Cool Kids.

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