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For us, this entry is humble and honest because we, in the hip-hop and music world, owe a debt of gratitude to Mr. Simmons.

Think about it…..where would Hip-Hop be today if Def Jam was never started? Where would SO MANY artists be today if Russell didn’t provide the forum and perseverance to push new genres into the mainstream? Russell Simmons is the only man who has balls to take risks.

He’s signed acts that would have never seen the light of day. Who else would’ve signed the Beastie Boys?! Without the Beastie Boys, Revolutionary Kids, wouldn’t receive this open-minded generation of kids who understand our originality. Who else would’ve signed DMX?

He already had a deal with Columbia in ’94 and got dropped. All of the sudden, he breaks through 4 years later and sells millions? Jay-Z already had his own label and a shitty deal with Priority Records.


He comes to Def Jam and BOOM, the rest is history. Island Def Jam wouldn’t have diversity today, if they didn’t have Russell’s ethics and integrity that he left with the label, when he sold it 10 years ago. Not the mention he is a Bhuddist and practices Transcendental Meditation.

And since we’re half-Indian, its rare to see any Americans or African Americans embracing another religion, other than Christianity (Yeah! I said it!). But why am I saying all of these good things about Mr. Simmons?

Its really because people like him inspire us to stay original and hold on to our beliefs. We don’t sound like any typical rock band or hip-hop group. Our music is as unique as our ethnic background (50% Indian, 25% Puerto Rican, and 25% Italian to be exact).

In the music business, everyone is trying to make a quick buck. If they see something that sells, they’ll sign 10 more acts who sound THE SAME, so they can keep banking on the same fucking sound. Russell Simmons didn’t buy into that shit.

He saw what he liked and pushed hard for the music he believed in. If it wasn’t for him, we’d still be listening to disco and hair metal bands! So, before you give credit to the hipster label execs, agents, and managers of today…..just remember.

They’ve all learned from Mr. Simmons….whether they’d like to admit it or not. Oh yeah! And Rick Rubin too 😉 -Revolutionary Kids

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