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More women should be like “Kita Williams”

In the inimitable world of “PUBLIC RELATIONS” one can get a little , daunted, preoccupied, and just plain “overwhelmed” which is often MY case…especially when you are a 24 year old, single African American woman with goals, a college degree, and individualism.


The odds are constantly against you, and everything is not exactly outlined in “silver” or “gold” trimming. However you do have “SMALL” clusters of people who you will occasionally come across, that you are fond of in terms of “work ethics”, morals and common interest in career goals or otherwise….this was the “imaginary bond” that I had assembled within my mind from watching VH1’s “The T.O. Show” and cast member “Kita Williams” which is NFL superstar Terrell Owens publicist as well as one of the Co-Creators and Executive Producers of the popular show, with partner Monique Jackson.

Fast forward………… to a few weeks after the television shows season finale, I was having a conversation with a client, about (African American Women & Working in the Entertainment Industry) and decided to reach out to some of my “personal “contacts and HAUNT DOWN Kita, to extend an invitation to her and her clients to attend some of my NFL clients upcoming events, a possible game and just plain telling her she was the ( in my eyes! (LOL).

Anyway within “hours” of reaching out to a few “Industry tastemakers ……..AKA – (Cyber stalking)……. I found myself with both Kita’s personal cell number as well as email address, we were introduced via (email) from a mutual friend…..and the rest is history….just like that MY LIFE WAS changed!


To my surprise Kita, responded immediately, and we scheduled a conference call for the same week, I am ranting and raving so much about every “diminutive” detail of our introduction, because I have never meet another “African American” woman within the same industry as me, that possess so much grace, class, personality and most of ALL ….CHARACTER….she was extremely welcoming, funny, astute and last but not least REAL!!!

Her genuine conversation, and face paced conversational tidbits had me in immediate “AWE” of her and within moments into the phone conversation I found myself in sheer laughter as if I was on a conversation with a long lost sister, aunt or family member.

It’s nothing less than shocking, finding another “RANDOM” female claiming the sudden “popular” career of “Entertainment Public Relations”………………..what is shocking is seeking out an “African American” publicist with credentials, individuality, and REAL beyond the “surface”. After years of muddled communication with other supposedly “PR PRO’s” I found Kita Williams “off TV” persona so rewarding and accommodating.

The conversation was unrestricted, humorous, easy going, motivating, and inspirational all wrapped in a box with a BOW attached! (LOL)! After ten quick minutes I found myself searching