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Emma Watson is bringing her talents to the big screen again … but this time she’s planning on showing off her comedic prowess. 

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The Harry Potter star will appear in Seth Rogen’s new apocalypse movie called End of the World. 

The movie follows celebs who will be playing variations of themselves, and have to face the end of the world as they know it – together. 

According to the Huffington Post, Emma will be starring alongside other Hollywood stars such as James Franco and Jonah Hill

While these two can definitely help Emma with some of her comedic strategies, maybe she can help them with some of her witty charm.

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Emma is officially signed on to join the all-star cast, but there are rumors that Rihanna is also in talks to join the film’s cast as well!

Maybe Rihanna will get to play the role as the “Only Girl in the World” like she always wanted? 

It already sounds like a great movie with Emma joining the cast. Hopefully RiRi does too!

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