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The Beastie Boys have been hit with some troubling funk.

Apparently, the day before Adam ‘MCA’ Yauch‘s unfortunate passing, his rap trio was hit with a lawsuit by record company TufAmerica.

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The company claims that the Beastie Boys used a famous drum beat from Trouble Funk’s 1986 hit “The New Style” on both their Licensed To Ill (1986) and Paul’s Boutique (1989) albums.

Furthermore, TufAmerica argues that they “never received royalties or payment” for any of the music featuring the sampled the drums.

It’s been years since the alleged ‘initial offense,’ but TufAmerica is adamant about collecting their checks.

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Below is Trouble Funk’s “Drop The Bomb” and the Beastie Boy track that supposedly uses the same drum beat, “The New Style.” 

Take a listen below and judge for yourself.

Bestie Boys – “The New Style” 

Trouble Funk – “Drop The Bomb”