We've got TWO great offerings to gush about for Apple TV + viewers this weekend. The first is 'Beastie Boys Story' - a touching documentary about the iconic rap trio who experienced success and tragedy over the course of the career. The second is, "Defending Jacob" a suspenseful series starring Chris Evans and Michelle Dockery simultaneously doing their best to protect their son (played by Jaeden Martell) while fearing what he might actually be capable of the crime he's been charged with.

The 9th Annual Brooklyn Hip-Hop Festival is honoring the late great Adam Yauch of the Beastie Boys. The executive director of the festival, Wes Jackson, wanted to honor Adam’s life at last year’s festival, but felt it was too soon and still very sensitive to the hip-hop community.  Now that it’s been a little over […]

Beastie Boys member Adam “MCA” Yauch died last year due to a bout with salivary gland cancer. And to honor the memory of their Brooklyn son, earlier today, the New York City Department of Parks held a ceremony to change the name of Brooklyn Heights’ Palmetto Playground to Adam Yauch Park.  Adam “Ad-Rock” Horovitz and Michael “Mike D” Diamond were in attendance, alongside the BK president […]

Music lost lots of legends this year, but what hit hip-hop the hardest was the death of Adam “MCA” Yauch this past May.  EXCLUSIVE BLOG: Adam Yauch, You Will Be Missed By Russell Simmons MCA and his fellow Beastie Boys were always against being “corporate” sellouts, and the idea seems to be following Adam’s legacy […]

News broke today that Adam “MCA” Yauch of the Beastie Boys has banned any of the hip-hop trio’s music from being used in commercials or advertisements.  DETAILS: Adam Yauch’s Will Bans Commercial Use Of Beastie Boys’ Music Although Adam doesn’t want Beastie Boy music or his likeness used in commercials, he did leave his $6.4 […]

Adam Yauch was an energetic, intelligent and humorous kid of 20 when I met him almost 30 years ago. Along with Adam Horovitz and Mike Diamond, his two band mates in the Beastie Boys, I caught him playing the Roxy on 18th Street in Manhattan. He did a laughably bad parody of rap and hip […]

The legendary Adam Yauch passed away last Friday, May 4th of cancer and the industry has been in mourning ever since. PHOTOS: Adam Yauch (MCA) Of The Beastie Boys Dies At 47 But with a little rain always comes sunshine and even though we’re sad he’s gone, we’re happy to have an amazing Beastie Boy […]

The hip-hop world is still reeling from the sad passing of Beastie Boy Adam “MCA” Yauch. The condolences continue as Michael (Mike D) Diamond wrote about his lost brother in a message on Facebook Monday. STORY: Ad-Rock: “Sh*t Is Just Fkd Up Right Now!”  Mike D wrote on his Facebook page: “I know, we should […]

Beastie Boys musician Adam ”Ad-Rock” Horovitz, 45, is paying tribute to his late bandmate, Adam Yauch, following his death after a long fight with cancer. STORY: Adam Yauch (MCA) Of The Beastie Boys Dies At 47  Horovitz was grateful to all fans of the Beastie Boys, especially all family and friends for their ”love and […]

The world of music has been feeling the death of Beastie Boys‘ Adam (MCA) Yauch pretty hard and one of the greats is speaking her mind on the loss. Madonna has crowned MCA one of the best performers and a huge inspiration to her career. PHOTOS: Adam Yauch (MCA) Of The Beastie Boys Dies At […]

Yesterday the music world suffered the lost of one of their biggest pioneers, Beastie Boys’ Adam Yauch. Not only was he a pioneer musically, but as a part of the beastie boys was one of the first to cross cultural barriers with Hip-hop.  STORY: Kid Capri Responds To Adam Yauch’s Death After his untimely death rappers […]

It was a gloomy day in Hip-Pop yesterday when we discovered that Adam Yauch of the Beastie Boys passed away and last night Coldplay decided it was just the right time to give a tribute to the lost emcee. PHOTOS: Adam Yauch (MCA) Of The Beastie Boys Dies At 47 The band covered the Beastie Boys’ best-known hits, “(You Gotta) […]