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Nigel Sylvester is back with another installment of his web reality series Get Sylvester.

This time around, Nigel is paying a visit to the New Jersey headquarters of one of his first sponsors, Animal Bikes.

VIDEO: Nigel Sylvester Comes Back To NYC For 2nd Episode Of Get Sylvester

The episode starts out with Nigel surprising Animal Bikes’ owner Ralph Sensi with a tattoo that he got of the company logo. Needless to say, Ralph was overwhelmed by that amount of love. We guess that when you believe in someone that early on, a gesture like that comes with the territory.

VIDEO: Nigel Sylvester Rocks Out In Barcelona For Premiere Episode Of “Get Sylvester”

Nigel spends the rest of the episode hanging out with the guys in the Animal Bikes warehouse, customizing the next set of signature seats he’ll be releasing with the brand and even playing a quick round of miniature golf.

Nigel manages to sneak in a little riding with Ralph Sensi, who isn’t too shabby on the BMX, before the episode is over. You can take a look at the entire episode of Get Sylvester Pt. 3 in the video above.