If you're looking for an adrenaline rush to get you through the day, look no further than the insane footage captured in Nigel Sylvester's new web series.

Nigel Sylvester is back ripping up the streets in his latest video “Ridin’ With That Work,” and if the title didn’t give it away, his 2 minute display of cyclic prowess also features French Montana. With French’s “Ain’t Worried About Nothin” serving as the soundtrack to the video, Nigel takes to the streets of NYC, […]

With the successful launch of Nigel Sylvester’s latest collaboration with G-Shock, it’s clear that the dude hasn’t stopped putting in work. So it was only fitting that Nigel teamed up with A$AP Ferg for some new visuals for Ferg’s breakout hit, “Work.” The video shows Nigel doing what he does best: ripping up the streets […]

Last week, we got a chance to sit down with Nigel Sylvester and get a little insight on his latest G-Shock watch collaboration. The new G-Shock GD101-NS is Nigel’s latest pride and joy, but he has other things up his sleeve and you can believe that GlobalGrind was there to get the scoop on everything […]

Nigel Sylvester doesn’t have a problem keeping busy.  Between traveling and riding BMX, Nigel has managed to work with different companies on several different business ventures, the latest being his collaborative “Black Out” G-Shock with Casio. Earlier today we showed you the promotional video for the new timepiece, now we have a few words from […]

Nigel Sylvester is gearing up to drop another G-Shock and we have to admit, this is one of the best editions we’ve ever seen!  VIDEO: Nigel Sylvester Searches For His “Perfect Moment” In Latest Video With Gatorade The body is completely blacked out and the LED screen has been inverted so that it is also […]

The perfect moment doesn’t come along very often. For athletes, achieving the perfect pass, the perfect shot or even the perfect landing takes years of practice and preparation. In the case of BMX biker Nigel Sylvester, everything from the surface to his movements, and even the surrounding environment has to be just right to pull off […]

Had we known that riding a BMX could take you all over the world, maybe more of us would have ridden for longer! Nigel Sylvester figured this out a long time ago. The most recent location his BMX has taken him to is none other than the Dominican Republic.    VIDEO: Bun B Narrates The Gumball […]

Our boy Nigel Sylvester is back with the latest installment of his web series with Network A, Get Sylvester. This episode chronicles Nigel as he travels cross-country as a participant in the Gumball 3000 rally, however this episode is a bit different from the one prior because it is narrated by Bun B. VIDEO: Nike+ […]

Nigel Sylvester is always humbled by the things he’s been able to do. The BMX rider has no hesitation with expressing that he was just another kid from Queens, NY who someone believed in. His latest adventure took him cross-country in the Gumball 3000 race while wearing his Nike fuel band. VIDEO: Nigel Sylvester Proves […]

In the latest Get Sylvester episode, Nigel Sylvester is back and showing us another aspect into his ever-evolving life. This time around, Nigel gets invited to the Gatorade research center to test his endurance, response time and reactivity. We see him as he gets his endurance tested on an exercise bike and how he recoups […]

Nigel Sylvester is back with another installment of his web reality series Get Sylvester. This time around, Nigel is paying a visit to the New Jersey headquarters of one of his first sponsors, Animal Bikes. VIDEO: Nigel Sylvester Comes Back To NYC For 2nd Episode Of Get Sylvester The episode starts out with Nigel surprising […]