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The perfect moment doesn’t come along very often. For athletes, achieving the perfect pass, the perfect shot or even the perfect landing takes years of practice and preparation. In the case of BMX biker Nigel Sylvester, everything from the surface to his movements, and even the surrounding environment has to be just right to pull off his desired trick and landing. Nothing has demonstrated this as well as his latest video with Gatorade, naturally titled “Perfect Moment.”

VIDEO: Nigel Sylvester Is “Out Here” Tearing Up The Streets Of The Dominican Republic With His BMX!

Throughout the video, we follow Nigel as he unsuccessfully makes attempt after attempt to try landing a trick.  Directed by Harrison Bouce, the video follows the pro-BMX rider around a suburban town in Queens where he settles into a park filled with bystanders, kids playing and signs prohibiting him from even doing tricks in the park.

VIDEO: Bun B Narrates The Gumball 3000 Episode Of Get Sylvester Starring Nigel Sylvester

After quite a few unsuccessful attempts to land his trick, and the police on their way to end his attempts all together, Nigel manages to align all of the outliers and live out his “Perfect Moment” with the help of Gatorade, of course. Check out Nigel’s trials and tribulations in the video above.

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