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Had we known that riding a BMX could take you all over the world, maybe more of us would have ridden for longer! Nigel Sylvester figured this out a long time ago. The most recent location his BMX has taken him to is none other than the Dominican Republic.   

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“Out Here” is the latest video the BMX star has released with Casio G-Shock, profiling his last visit to the island. Nigel takes to the streets, as always, to tear up all of the best riding locations on the island with his trusty bike. This time around, his wristwear comes courtesy of G-Shock, who has been a longtime sponsor of Nigel’s. 

Look closely, and you just might notice Sylvester wearing his own signature white G-Shock GD100NS-7 watch among others that have been provided by the company.

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Unlike Nigel’s Get Sylvester web series, this video is less about Nigel’s life and more about Nigel going nuts on the pavement with just his bike. Check it all out in the video above.