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Last week, we got a chance to sit down with Nigel Sylvester and get a little insight on his latest G-Shock watch collaboration.

The new G-Shock GD101-NS is Nigel’s latest pride and joy, but he has other things up his sleeve and you can believe that GlobalGrind was there to get the scoop on everything from his Pop-A-Wheelie movement, to his collaboration with A$AP Ferg.

STORY: Pop-A-Wheelie Fresh! Nigel Sylvester Breaks Down His New Watch

Nigel’s G-Shock was released at retailers this past Saturday, however someone like Nigel always has something new and exciting for the public to look forward to. 

Check out Part 2 of our highly informative interview with the man himself – Nigel Sylvester.

GlobalGrind: What’s the whole reasoning behind the Pop A Wheelie movement?

Nigel Sylvester: Pop A Wheelie is just something that’s sentimental to me. Growing up in the hood you always see dudes popping wheelies, or you and your friends having wheelie contests like who could wheelie the most blocks. That’s one of the things that kept me into BMX riding: just doing wheelies, how that made me feel, the freedom of it. I want to do something that reminds me of that, that kind of spawns from that. I was like, let me just do some hats; do some snapbacks…something that people can relate to. It’s something that you don’t have to sit and explain. They know what Pop A Wheelie is. Most people know what that is. Also, it’s embraced in pop culture…like Lil Wayne said, “Swagger in the trunk, make the car Pop A Wheelie.”

I know you got the hat out. Are you doing anything more with the Pop A Wheelie movement?

Right now, we’re not doing anything more. I’m just trying to see what happens with the hats. People are responding to it. People are hitting me up like “Yo, let me get that hat” via social media. I’m just trying to let it organically grow into whatever it’s going to be, and not try to force it too much.

You have helped your boy Ralphie Ramos become more successful in the world of BMX. Coming from where you’re from, how does it feel to help somebody else advance their career?

It’s dope, man! I feel like that’s part of being successful: reaching back, and helping someone out. It only makes sense. It’s good to be able to enjoy the fruits of your labor with your peers, family, and friends. You could be the richest man in the world, but if you have no one to share it with, then that’s super-boring…I think it’s really important to enjoy your hard-work with those around you.

Would you ever revisit opening another store?

Definitely! I feel like a boutique that’s heavily-influence by BMX is needed right now for the industry, culture. Skateboard has Supreme. It’s a staple in culture right now. I feel like BMX needs one too. I would definitely revisit the idea, if the right situation were presented to me. And going back to the question you asked earlier, about if I had something coming up, I actually have a video coming up with A$AP Ferg. We’re dropping it pretty soon. It’s a mash-up of him doing his thing. I’m doing my thing. It’s something different I haven’t done before. He hasn’t done before.

What single is it?

We did it to “Work.”

I know he already has a video for that.

He has one out, but this is a mash-up of me riding and him spitting “Work.” We’re just collaborating creatively. It’s not an official video…I was like, I gotta do something with Ferg.

What’s on Sylvester’s iPod?

Rockie Fresh’s “Thick B*tch,” a lot of A$AP Rocky, a lot of Jay-Z, some Rick Ross…

Anything people would be surprised by.

Lap of Lux, Florence and the Machine, and recently I just brought a whole bunch of Coldplay albums.

What is the craziest thing you’ve gotten from a fan?

I remember one of my first times in Paris, some dude made a t-shirt with my face on it that said: “I love Nigel!” That was pretty crazy! I was only pro for two years. It was early in the game…I get fan mail all the time, and this one kid who wrote this letter for a writing essay contest won. He had his letter sent to Nike by the school, and then Nike flew me out to surprise him in class. The kid showed a lot of love. I’m happy to know I’m a positive influence in people’s lives. That’s a dope feeling. That means I’m on the right path with what I’m doing.

So for like kids like that, and people who don’t know you, if you have one thing to tell people about Nigel Sylvester, what would you tell the world?

Google me! Simple as that, find out about me. I’m living outside of my imagination right now. I’m a kid from Queens who had a dream, and I’m actually getting a chance to live that dream right now. I want to express myself…I want as many people as possible to know my story, know where I came from, where I’m at now, where I’m headed.

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