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In the latest Get Sylvester episode, Nigel Sylvester is back and showing us another aspect into his ever-evolving life.

This time around, Nigel gets invited to the Gatorade research center to test his endurance, response time and reactivity. We see him as he gets his endurance tested on an exercise bike and how he recoups in a hyperbaric oxygen chamber.

VIDEO: Nigel Sylvester Is An Animal On The BMX In Third Installment Of “Get Sylvester”

Gatorade has been one of Nigel’s sponsors for quite some time now and as a sponsored athlete, it was good for Gatorade to study someone from the BMX prospective.

Later, Nigel finds himself at the celebrity football game that Nike did right here in the heart of New York City.  The game took place in Times Square and featured rappers like Ace Hood, Stalley and Jadakiss, but also had some pretty well known athletes playing as well like Mark Sanchez and Matt Ryan.

VIDEO: Nigel Sylvester Comes Back To NYC For 2nd Episode Of Get Sylvester

You can take a look at the entire “Attainable” episode of Get Sylvester featuring Nigel Sylvester in the video above.

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