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With the successful launch of Nigel Sylvester’s latest collaboration with G-Shock, it’s clear that the dude hasn’t stopped putting in work. So it was only fitting that Nigel teamed up with A$AP Ferg for some new visuals for Ferg’s breakout hit, “Work.”

The video shows Nigel doing what he does best: ripping up the streets on his BMX. 

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This time around, Nigel hits the streets of California, Istanbul & New York, all while Ferg is doing a live performance of “Work” during Nigel’s S.O.M.P (Standing On My Pedals) event in Long Beach, CA.

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The two native New Yorkers can clearly make an impact wherever they are and honestly, we won’t be getting tired of either one of them anytime soon. 

Take a look at A$AP Ferg’s new visuals for “Work,” starring Nigel Sylvester, by pressing play above.

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