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Nigel Sylvester doesn’t have a problem keeping busy. 

Between traveling and riding BMX, Nigel has managed to work with different companies on several different business ventures, the latest being his collaborative “Black Out” G-Shock with Casio. Earlier today we showed you the promotional video for the new timepiece, now we have a few words from the man himself about the project.

We got to sit down with Nigel Sylvester and discuss the watch, his travels, and his latest “Pop-A-Wheelie” movement in our two-part exclusive interview.

VIDEO: Nigel Sylvester “Blacks Out” For The Release Of His Latest G-Shock

Part 1 of the interview focuses mostly on the new G-Shock and what it took to bring it to fruition.  Check it out below.

GlobalGrind: Let’s start with the G-Shock. You have a new model this time around?

Nigel Sylvester: No, it’s actually the same model. It just looks different because it’s all black. I’m excited because this is my second year being signed to the brand; the second watch we did. When I think about it, it’s crazy. This is round 2: the re-up. I actually did another one that’s coming out in a couple of days. I’m super-excited about it. Just having the opportunity to work with them, them understanding my vision, and letting me be fully creative, do as I see fit. Different people have been responding to it as well…I feel like it kind of goes along with the attitude of pop culture too. Everything is dark, super-detailed. It just goes with what’s going on right now. It just compliments what the climate of the culture is right now. It’s crazy because I designed the watch like 8 months ago, and it’s still so relevant right now. I’m just trying to come up with a classic timeless piece that can travel from generation to generation.

Speaking of traveling, have you been anywhere recently?

I’ve been traveling a bunch. I’ve been back and forth between here and California for the past month or so. It’s cold in NY right now – it’s the wintertime. It’s hard to ride out here – so California is the next best option. I have a bunch of people out there who I know. There’s some dope ass spots out there. Cali’s been the move back and forth. I’m actually gearing up for a European tour in about two weeks. It’s a Euro promo tour for the watch. We’re going to hit places like London, Paris, and Poland. I’m looking forward to that because I haven’t been in Europe for a while. It’s my first time going to a place like Poland, and I haven’t been in London in about five years.

I noticed that you guys did a video shoot for the new G-Shock. Was any of that in California or was that all in NY?

We shot the video in NY. One of the biggest inspirations for the piece is NYC. NYC is forever moving, non-stop. There’s always that race against time in New York. We did that safari-print on the band, and that pulled from how I see New York as this concrete jungle, being this safari, so chaotic. But at the same time, it’s organized chaos. We’re living it, and we’re used to it. The video shows NY for what it is, how crazy, how chaotic it is, how we all as people in NY see this as our comfort zone. We shot it last week. Va$htie, Yaris Sanchez, Jadakiss, Styles P, Clark Kent, 40oz Van, Vado, Angie Martinez, B. Dot from Rap Radar…a whole bunch of people came out for support. I think we’re aiming to release the video early next week because the watch comes out March 8th.

And you had a different band on the watch?

I wore the same exact one for the video.

Safari print?

It had safari print just on the inner-band…we did black screws, which is something G-Shock really doesn’t do. I feel like this piece excites them because there are subtle details that they really would appreciate. It kind of goes along with the theme: super-stealth.

So you’re sponsored by all these brands, but do you have a favorite item of clothing? Sponsored or not?

Black jeans. I rock black jeans everyday.

By whoever?

Not whoever. They have to be right.

Have you ever been approached by someone to endorse you that was very random?

There’s definitely people who approach me that want me to do something; have me down with their brand. For me, it’s like I don’t want to attach myself with brands, companies, or movements that don’t make sense. Everyone who I work with are people who I collaborate with creatively. I only do things that I would naturally do. Nothing’s force-fed at all. I keep it as true to myself as possible. I’m not going to work with a brand I don’t believe in just because the check is huge.

VIDEO: Nigel Sylvester Searches For His “Perfect Moment” In Latest Video With Gatorade

This business strategy seems to have worked out well for Nigel. 

With his own signature bike frame with Animal, two signature G-Shock watches and a signature sneaker with Nike 6.0, it’s evident that Nigel is very careful with the brands he chooses to work with.  Make sure you look out for the release of his new Blacked Out G-Shock this Saturday March 9th at G-Shock retailers nationwide. 

Also stay tuned for part two of Nigel’s interview with us later this week right before the launch of the Nigel’s “Black Out” G-Shock watch.

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